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Singing Success 360, Mix, Harmony, Vibrato, SSTV, 4 Weekly Live Warm Ups, Webinars & Live Q & A with Brett Manning and more.

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Our Ultimate Singing Package includes instant streaming to all Singing Success courses as well as FREE access to all webinars and vocal challenges & Singing Success products.
This membership also includes entrance to our 'Members Only' Singing Success VIP Facebook Group with direct access to Brett Manning & his associates via Facebook LIVE weekly warm-ups and Q&A events. PLUS scheduled music industry special guests event via Facebook LIVE.
This Membership has changed the trajectory of our company. Brett wanted to make sure that those students using his online courses were on the right path, using the exercises correctly and receiving ongoing instruction Thus the Singing Success VIP Membership was created so that he and his associate coaches could do just that!

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Brett Manning
Brett Manning
Brett Manning é um dos treinadores vocais mais procurados da indústria da música. Brett teve o privilégio de trabalhar com muitos dos principais artistas da atualidade como: Leona Lewis, Hayley Williams, Jimmy Gnecco, Taylor Swift, John Michael Montgomery, Luke Bryan, Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES), Keith Urban, Mikky Ekko, Miley Cyrus e a lista continua. Brett também trabalhou com os elencos de produções da Broadway de Les Miserables e Jekyll e Hyde, bem como com a equipa da Broadway de Aida de Elton John. Brett é conhecido pelas suas demonstrações divertidas e encorajadoras, mostrando como até os novos cantores podem experimentar uma melhoria imediata no alcance, na facilidade e na qualidade de sua voz. Apaixonado por ensinar cantores de todos os tipos, independentemente de seu nível de habilidade, localização geográfica ou aspirações profissionais, Brett criou uma série de programas de treino audio para disponibilizar os seus incríveis métodos de ensino para todos os cantores, de qualquer lugar do mundo. O método Singing Success ajudou centenas de milhares de cantores em mais de 164 países ao redor do mundo.

Courses Included with Purchase

The Most Complete Vocal Training System In The World
Brett Manning
Mastering Mix
(Streams Only In VIP Subscription)
Brett Manning
Mastering Harmony
(Streams Only In Gold & VIP Subscription)
Brett Manning
Singing Success TV
Access To Performances, Reviews, Quick Tips, & Live Vocal Training
Brett Manning
Mastering Vibrato
(Streams Only In Gold & VIP Subscription)
Brett Manning
360 QuickStart™ Program
10 Exercises To Build A Powerful Voice
Brett Manning
Brett Manning's Vocal Therapy
Brett Manning
The Power of Emotion
How to Spark Life into Your Song & Keep Your Audience Engaged
Brett Manning
Brett Manning's 'Vocal Hacks'
A Trick Is Quick, But Training Is Sustaining
Brett Manning

"It’s hard to put an actual amount of value to what happens here in the VIP group because the collective knowledge contained within Brett and all of his associates is truly priceless. And beyond that everyone I have interacted with on the team is just genuinely a good person that truly cares about the student and shares the love for singing we all do. The weekly warm-ups and Q&A’s, as a member, give me the ability to try things along with the coaches and ask questions which keep me motivated to improve for the following week and each week consistently! They will often give tips on specific trouble areas, as well as reference a portion of the 360 program to further tackle whatever challenges you are having. Personally, I have improved quite a lot on many different levels...before getting involved with the VIP page and program I was already singing for 10 years very good, very passionately, and very incorrectly! To the point where I was given the option to have vocal surgery or take at least 6 months off. I was performing 280 shows per year for the last few years and thought it was over and that I would not be able to do nearly as many shows, if any...and started looking into other options of employment...after using the 360 program and taking advantage of ALL of the live videos and coaching, I will effortlessly break 300 Shows for this year which prior to the program I thought was an impossibility!!! (Each show I do is acoustic and 3-4 hours long) I still have a lot of room for improvement and am excited to see what my true capabilities are. I now have the confidence that I can continue singing and performing for a living for a long time to come!! They have made it possible for my ability to catch up with my passion enabling me to do what I Love! SING!!!! Thank you Brett & Team!!!" - Johnny Chase

“The VIP group has made Brett Manning Studios even more accessible. The learning experience has become very direct. Being able to communicate live with the coaches makes me feel that there is no distance between Greece and Nashville anymore. Also the VIP community helps keep me constantly motivated. I don't even have to warm up alone anymore!” - Tina Tsimbidi

"My name is Duane Reno, and I've been singing since before I can remember. Many people along the way have influenced me in my musical journey- from my elementary, middle, and high school teachers, to my boys choir conductor, professional artists, and so on. Singing is a part of who I am. I can't remember a time when I wasn't singing. I even asked my wife to be my girlfriend when "Girlfriend" by Nsync came on the radio.

About a year and a half ago, I half-heartedly auditioned for a full-time singing position that I really wanted. I thought I was good enough just to slap something together and get accepted. I wasn't. Later, I submitted another audition for another opportunity and barely met the requirement. I asked the assessor what I could do to get better. He told me that if I really wanted to get better, to consider purchasing the Singing Success 360 program (Thank you Daniel Puls).

So I did. I bought Singing Success 360 on September 20, 2017. I plugged the disks in on the way to and from work. It was an eye opener. It began to humble me, and that's what I needed to move forward.

I continued to use the disks until I left for vocal training in January 2017. Guess what, Singing Success is the program they use to train their vocalists! I was submersed into the Singing Success program and spent hours a day developing my voice. I returned mid-March and performed the day after I returned with a band I performed with the summer prior. They couldn't believe the transformation that took place!

Knowing that the product works, I bought the Mastering Mix program shortly thereafter. Then I received a notice for new membership opportunities and the benefits that were provided in the VIP membership.

Are you kidding me?! I get direct access to THE MAN in vocal training as well as with HIS TEAM?! Why wouldn't I jump at this opportunity?

The Wednesday Warm-ups have allowed me to see various ways to warm up the voice depending on a variety of variables. They've covered how to warm-up when fatigued, how to work on pharyngeal/head/chest/mix presence, male/female voice types etc.... and when you're doing it real time you can provide comments/questions about the pertaining process. Because they are all done through Facebook live, they can be viewed again in the future.

Brett's decision to provide insight into the music industry has been great! He has opened my eyes to things I never knew about the music industry. He's also provided tips and motivation for pursuing music in a greater capacity.

The Q and As have allowed me to get specific guidance about trouble areas I encounter in the Singing Success program and receive real-time answers.

Consequentially, I feel as though I have begun to get to know the Associates, not just know about them. It was awesome to see Benny get his blue belt, find out about KTs cats and pregnancy (congrats!), Shelby's blogging and disdain for running, Ben Waites' awesome journey to becoming an associate, and Chanelle's recent trip for a masterclass. What better people to be connected to when you're wanting to grow as a vocalist?

And this group is filled with people that are on that same journey. There's nothing but encouragement and support in the group. It's awesome. I didn't know until I joined the group that there was such a bomb singer in the same area as me (Sarah Cleary).

Oh yeah, all the programs that Singing Success offers are available through the VIP Membership. I never thought I needed work on my vibrato until I went through the Mastering Vibrato program.

I am incredibly thankful to Brett, for sharing his knowledge and passion of music with others, and his team, who have invested in countless singers aspiring to improve themselves. If you're wanting to - get better as a vocalist, build a network of support with people aspiring to do the same, and receive interactive opportunities with some of best coaches who train different styles, genres, and walks of life - you're not going to find a better opportunity. Especially at this price point.

I dare you to try it and not get better. - Duane Reno

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and you determine when it ends! You determine your pace. Most of our students never stop practicing because your voice is only going to keep getting better! The more you go through the program, the better you're going to sound. AND you will be able to run through your favorite exercises before you perform!
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access as long as your membership is active.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unhappy with the course, we can give you a full refund 7 days after your original purchase. If you feel you have received all of the value in our program has to offer, you can cancel your membership at any time within your account details.